Bespoke store development

Custom styling

Need to customise the look of your online store to match your site and brand? 

Don't have the time to mess around with the Ecwid CSS or other DIY options available?

Let me help you. With years of experience with Ecwid styling and as the developer of the e-shop designer services, Decorator App and Tabber App, I can offer the help you need, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

Data Import

Have lots of product data to import into Ecwid? 

I can help get it into the required format and import it into your Ecwid store.

Bespoke features

Need some special feature on your store?

Contact me to see if it is something I can implement for you.

Need a little help?

Just need a little help or advice? 

Drop me a line, and I'll assist in any way I can.

Other services and help

Theme Designer App - integrates e-shop designer into Ecwid Control Panel.

Tabber App - Add tabs to product descriptions

Ecwid Customisations - a source of snippets and examples of various DIY Ecwid customisations.

e-shop designer - free and paid themes; Tweak service (no longer available to new users)

Ecwid Support - the source of all official help about Ecwid - my main site